Destination Weddings

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includes travel

Unlimited wedding day coverage
North America, Mexico and Caribbean.

How Does It Work?

As I mentioned in my bio, I love traveling and have been to 18 countries so far...

When shooting a destination wedding, I arrive 2 days before and I will spend a few hours scouting locations so the wedding day is smooth sailings and your pictures blow your mind.

The day before the wedding I will either shoot the rehearsal party OR I we will head out together for a few hours on a 'Lifestyle Shoot.' During this time we'll find some fun places to create beautiful memories and photos. This can be as casual or formal as you like. We just want to have fun, capture some stunning images and get to know one another since we will be seeing a lot of each other the next day.


Destination Wedding

Unlimited wedding day coverage
pretty much anywhere in the world.