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Nanaimo Engagement Session – Mitch + Jen (Nanaimo Photographer)

Last summer I was shooting a wedding when a couple visited the Photo Booth who had been engaged for nearly a year. During their time in the Photo Booth they got quite enthralled with the fun that was going on. After taking off some of the props they were hiding under, I saw a recognizable face, an old friend from high school. It had been a long time,  12 years at that point since I had seen Mitch. I instantly remembered his great sense of humour. We got talking and I had the chance to meet his lovely down-to-earth  fiancé Jen who was at the beginning stages of planning their wedding.

We met a month later where she shared her plans of a tropical themed wedding – Pina Colada anyone? I cannot wait to see some of the Photo Booth pictures from this one!

As a warm up to their wedding we took off to Pipers Lagoon for an evening of fun!

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What is your favourite tropical drink? — Despite the above reference to the Pina Colada it is my # 2. My #1 has to be a Mojito.

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