Superstition Revealed: Beacon Hill Engagement Session |

Superstition Revealed: Beacon Hill Engagement Session

I recently had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for Peter and Patrycja. 2 weeks later I shot their wedding – which was amazingly beautiful and fun, but I will save that for another post.

It has a perfect evening at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. I always try to take engagement photos in the evening when the best light starts to come out – about 2 hours before sunset. We were about 90 minutes into taking pictures, having an amazing visit, tons of good laughs and starting to setup a shot on the bridge at Beacon Hill Park. As flocks of birds were flying over our heads we looked up ready to take cover. I especially didn’t want anything foreign landing on their nice wardrobe.

SPLAT – Patrycja and I were only about 3 feet apart and a bird managed to drop it’s business right in between us (missing us both). Lucky break! We laughed and Peter said that he had been wanting a bird to poop on him for years, but they never do. Peter is hilarious btw. Like many other weird superstitions, Peter explained that this was good luck.

Mental Note:┬áDon’t open an umbrella inside the house and don’t take cover from flocks of birds – hope they have good aim.

I don’t know why I had never heard of this before, but needless to say I really didn’t feel the same way – I was okay without the luck.

About 2 minutes later when I was almost done setting up the shot I spun around with my back towards Peter and Patrycja and back again to face them. I could tell they had seen something and weren’t sure weather to be horrified or laugh. When they gathered their words they nicely explained that the bird didn’t actually miss us. As luck would have it I was wearing a white shirt which now had a mess on the back of it. I was just thankful it didn’t hit either of them even though Peter probably wishes it was him!

All in all a fun night, bird poop and everything!


RIGHT PHOTO – This was one of the shots I was setting up when the birds did their thing.

I have just recently shot their wedding like a mentioned above. Here is a quick peak at it!

Anyone have any other superstitions they want to share?