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5 Reasons a Photo Booth Can Take a Wedding To The Next Level

I have been providing photo booth services on Vancouver Island for 5 years and photographing weddings since 2004.

It is no secret… You have probably seen a photo booth at a wedding or at least heard of them. I am often asked if they are as successful at a wedding as they are popular of an idea. Many couples think of ordering a photo booth or creating a DIY one. To help them out I have 5 reasons why a photo booth can be a big success and take a wedding to the next level.

#1.  It is Fun and Entertaining

You know those guests that like to stay in their chair once the dancing starts? Having gone through the photo booth they are usually feeling engaged and really want to enjoy the evening. There is something about big lights, a fun backdrop and some cool props that bring the kid out in everyone.

Then there are the other guests just itching to get out of their chairs and become a permanent fixture on the dance floor. Imagine what funny thing they’ll do in the photo booth. Whether watching them in the photo booth or joining them, it will add some laughs to your evening.

#2. Fills in Down Time

Let’s face it, the bride and groom can only talk to so many people at a time. What are the rest of the guests doing as the bride and groom make their way around the room?

This down time at the reception is a perfect time for guests to explore the photo booth. Once they have gone through it they are usually lined up for round two with some different friends or family.

3. Can Be a Gift For Your Guests

When the guests go home what favor do they remember the wedding with? Although this is not a necessity I think any of the following ideas are pretty cool for the ultimate thank you…

-Give the guests a personalized frame on the table that they can put a photo booth memory in.

-Include a photo booth memory in your thank you cards.

-Use each guest’s photo booth photos as the cover for their thank you card

-Jump in the photo booth with the guests so they have a photo with the lovely couple

*I always remind couples that guests can jump in without the props for a nice formal shot too!

4. Capturing Missed Moments

In 2012 I attended my first wedding as a guest in over 8 years. Among the guests were many dear friends from Film School who I had not seen in 10 years. I sat there thinking we may never all be together in the same place again. All we had were our iPhones to take a dark candle lit photo across a long table cluttered with drinks and dessert plates. I would have treasured a really nice photo with all of us as a group — silly or formal.

There are often groups of friends or family that have not been together in a long time. Unless these groups are part of the formal family photos, the only photos they may be in as a group are from a guest’s camera — or worse a camera phone. Unfortunately the bride and groom usually never get to see these photos.

5. What is Left When it is All Over? Well Here’s a Cool Idea 

Months, if not years go into planning the perfect wedding day, but when it is all over what is left? Lots of cake, wrapping paper, gifts, the rings and hopefully some amazing photos of the bride and groom. My couples always end of with tons of fantastic pictures of the two of them, many with their wedding parties and family, but usually way fewer of other important guests including extended family.

I can barely picture my wedding day. It flew by and remembering all the guests that were there is even tougher. Yes there are some table shots of my guests, but the table is usually cluttered and it’s shape make it difficult to get everyone in the photo without someone being super close and others being really far away.

A photo booth would have given me that memory at a quality where I could do something special with it. I always create a collage of my couple’s guests to add at the end of their wedding album. When I show it to them they are always so thrilled to see all these moments that unfolded while they were busy enjoying their evening.


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  1. Susan Nielsen

    August 5th, 2011 at 5:09 am

    Hi, Just wanted to tell you this photo booth idea at Chelsea and Matt Roberts wedding was an awesome idea. It definitely took the wedding to another level 🙂