3 Tips for Wedding Makeup in the Rain

How to Rainproof Your Wedding Photos (Part 3 of 3)

makeup by jessica churcher_0002This is the final part in a 3 part series highlighting steps couples can take to assure they still get killer wedding photos in the rain. If you missed part 1 (my general rain tips) and part 2 (on hair) you may want to rewind to those first.

For this final part Jessica Churcher of Jessica Churcher Makeup Artistry has given her top 3 tips for having beautiful makeup on a rainy day.

“Over the years, I have been asked why should people pay to have their makeup professionally done for a wedding. 

My answer is always the same. Whether it’s yourself or a friend, we all know someone who can do a good job with everyday makeup. But hiring a professional will get you professional results, meaning a visible difference between a basic look and a stunning customized, long wearing look. A professional understands the elements of photographic makeup, and how different it is to our daily makeup.  Lighting, colors, undertones, cosmetic ingredients and even the style of the photographer will dramatically change how the makeup transcends on camera.

When it comes to glaming up my brides I always make sure to use strategic techniques and products so that their makeup will stay put through tears, sweat, or heaven forbid…Rain.

Here are my three must do’s before you say “I do”, 

1. One of the best ways to ensure longwearing makeup is to prep your skin. A well-exfoliated and hydrated skin will not only look healthier but will allow your makeup to adhere better.

2. This is a must; use a water resistant foundation! Just because a foundation says it is 12-24 hour long wearing does not mean it is resistant to water. 

3. The final touch is a waterproof sealing spray. This will work as your ultimate shield of protection from any moisture. It can even be mixed into your foundation for added protection. Personally I use a pro sealer available to industry professionals. My client’s makeup has stayed perfect throughout torrential downpours, cake smushes and 40c heat waves! It is important to note that a “setting spray” is not the same as a waterproof sealer. Setting sprays are easier to find and are intended to set your makeup for the day, so it doesn’t move around. It will not give you the full protection you need from rain and tears. 

If you do find yourself getting wet on your big day, don’t panic. Let the water dry naturally with out touching your face too much. The more you touch it the more you risk disturbing the sealer. 

Pro tip: Consider hiring your makeup artist to stay with you during your photos. My brides love having this option! This is where I fuss over them and make them feel like a celebrity. I take care of all touch ups, shine control, and any hair issues that may arise.    (I also bring snacks!)

It’s your big day and you deserve the BEST! Remember to book your favorite artist early and do a consultation. This will alleviate any stress or questions! “

Jessica Churcher is a highly respected makeup artist on Vancouver Island. If you have further questions for her you can connect with her on her Facebook Page or shoot her an email at jcmakeupartistry@shaw.ca

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