Rainproofing Hair on Your Wedding Day

How to Rainproof Your Wedding Photos (Part 2 of 3)

Rainproofing Hair for a wedding

How rain will impact a bride’s hair is always a concern for photos. It is important the couple not only looks great in their photos, but also arrive to their reception looking and feeling first class too.

Jess Hocker is an award winning stylist with Hype Hair Studio. She also spent 4 years as a Technical Education consultant for L’Oreal Professionnel. Jess is an expert in her field and has been kind enough to share her tips on how to make sure your hair is looking it’s best all day long even if it rains.

Jess Hocker

“For that flawless hair for your special day, your hairstylist shouldn’t be an after thought. The right stylist can help you strategically plan your look to compliment your dress. Aside from helping you choose the perfect style, cut, and colour, your stylist can also help you rain-proof your look through a number of options. 

First and foremost nothing will protect you from a down pour like an umbrella, but your biggest enemy will be the humidity which leads to frizz on curly hair and causes fine hair to go limp. 

Prepping your hair with anti-humidity protection is going to be your ultimate weapon. As far as professional products go you can find this in shampoos, conditioners, stylers, and finishing sprays. 

If your hair is extra rebellious you can talk to your stylist about doing a long lasting in-salon keratin smoothing treatment, or numerous conditioning treatments to help eliminate frizz and ease your styling time. 

An up-do will be more secure to last from the ceremony to the end of your reception without having to fuss with it.

If you’re wearing your hair down you might need a little touch up kit such as a mini brush and mini hairspray.

Another option to ensure your photos are flawless is hiring a stylist who will do your hair on site and can do touch ups during your shoot to make sure your hair is perfectly placed for your photos. 

Here are some of my favorite products and treatments for a west coast wedding:”

This line is designed specifically for rebellious hair. Creates more manageability and anti-humidity protection. Perfect for the climate in the Pacific Northwest.
“This line is designed specifically for rebellious hair. Creates more manageability and anti-humidity protection. Perfect for the climate in the Pacific Northwest.”
Hair Products for rain
“Enriched with black cumin seed oil and has the highest heat protection on the market to protect your hair while achieving that smooth silky style.”
Hair Products for rain
“An in-salon treatment with 20 different customized combinations. Including: Colour protection, density, repair, hydrating, and manageability. These treatment last in the hair for 21 day!”

Hair Products for rain

“In salon temporary protein smoothing treatment. Treats hair and leaves it smoother and more manageable with the use of steam. Lasts for 3 shampoos. Consumer iron is also available.”

Hair Products for rain

“Anti-static and anti-humidity hairspray. Perfect protection and hold.”


A big thanks to Jess for this great information. If you would like to learn more about her or have a consultation on planning your wedding hair you can visit her bio here or connect with her by emailing jhockerhair@gmail.com.

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