A Summer Milner Gardens Wedding

Milner Gardens Wedding – (Dorian + Ashley)

Dorian and Ashley’s beautiful Milner Gardens Ceremony in Qualicum has stuck with me for a few reasons since shooting it 3 years ago. Yes I am behind on my blogging, but I am determined to catch up. So here are the top 3 things that I remember:

  1. Fairytale love. Of course they are in love – they were getting married. However, Dorian and Ashley oozed adoration for one another and it was the sweetest thing to watch. They didn’t conceal it and not in a PDA sort of way. It was just through simple words and non-PDA actions. They made me want to go home to my wife and give her a big hug and tell her how much I loved her.
  2. The way Ashley’s stylist did her hair was one of my favourites that year and it still is.
  3. Dorian’s toast to Ashley. It was soooo touching and showed his gentlemanly nature and huge respect he has for his wife.

Enjoy viewing their amazing Milner Gardens Wedding Ceremony and the reception images from the Civic Centre in Qualicum Beach. Most of the wedding party images were taken at Milner Gardens. I absolutely love shooting there. Milner Gardens has so many spots to shoot and I always find a new hidden gems. We also made a quick stop at Qualicum Beach to capture a few shots of the two of them in a West Coast setting.



Ceremony – Milner Gardens

Reception – Qualicum Beach Civic Centre

Bridal Gown – Blush in Victoria

Catering – Spice of Life Catering

Celebrant –  Joanne Pitzel

Floral – Fresh N’ Fablous

DJ – Summit Sound

Second Shooter / Assistant – Courtney Julien

Milner Gardens Wedding_0001Milner Gardens Wedding_0002Milner Gardens Wedding_0003Milner Gardens Wedding_0004Milner Gardens Wedding_0005Milner Gardens Wedding_0006Milner Gardens Wedding_0007Milner Gardens Wedding_0008Milner Gardens Wedding_0009Milner Gardens Wedding_0010Milner Gardens Wedding_0011Milner Gardens Wedding_0012Milner Gardens Wedding_0013Milner Gardens Wedding_0014Milner Gardens Wedding_0015Milner Gardens Wedding_0016Milner Gardens Wedding_0017Milner Gardens Wedding_0018Milner Gardens Wedding_0019Milner Gardens Wedding_0020Milner Gardens Wedding_0021Milner Gardens Wedding_0022Milner Gardens Wedding_0023Milner Gardens Wedding_0024Milner Gardens Wedding_0025Milner Gardens Wedding_0026Milner Gardens Wedding_0027Milner Gardens Wedding_0028Milner Gardens Wedding_0029Milner Gardens Wedding_0030Milner Gardens Wedding_0031Milner Gardens Wedding_0032Milner Gardens Wedding_0033Milner Gardens Wedding_0034Milner Gardens Wedding_0035

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