Cottonwood Golf Course + Crow and Gate Fall Wedding

Shawn + Caitlin – Cottonwood Golf Course + Crow and Gate Wedding (Nanaimo Wedding Photographers)

I seemed to wait for Shawn and Caitlin’s wedding for quite awhile. They booked far in advance and therefore we had so much time to talk about the intimate day they had planned. Although the wedding day is supposed to be about the bride and groom, the two of them wanted it to be all about the people at their wedding. They were so thankful for the roles that each guest played in their lives and this genuinely touched me as someone who got to take a peak into their lives.

After a hint of rain, the day turned out to be gorgeous allowing us to travel to The Crow and Gate for some wonderful photos with the two of them.

One thing to note is the origami cranes that can be seen in the decorations. Shawn folded these for months  – hundreds of them.

Congratulations to Shawn and Caitlin. I was so honoured to be part of your day.




Wedding Dress – Ladybelle Bridal

Cake – Coastal Cake Company

Ceremony/Reception Venue and Caterer – Cottonwood Golf Course

Live Ceremony Music and DJ- Groovy Island Music

Celebrant – Elder Douglas Headworth from Worldtree Ministry

Floral – Thriftys at Brooks Landing

Hair – Jenna from Flipside Hair

Makeup – Christie Norman-Taal from Brush With Beauty

Groom’s Clothing – Tiptop Tailors


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