Spanish Banks, Vancouver Trash the Dress - Reed + Jade (Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer) |

Spanish Banks, Vancouver Trash the Dress – Reed + Jade

I recently posted Reed + Jade’s wedding photos, so you may remember this fun couple from their Yaletown wedding. Reed and Jade mentioned that they wanted to do something fun the day after their wedding. I recall Jade saying ‘trash the dress,’ but when I clarified they really wanted to have fun, dress up again and get more photos.

Jade suggested we go to Spanish Banks for the final ‘getting wet’ photos. I thought it was a great idea, not only for the stretches of sandy beach, but it was also a special place that I liked to spend summer weekends when I lived in Vancouver. The only thing different this time was it wasn’t summer.

I woke up the day after their wedding to the tap-tap sound of raindrops – at least the sun was there for the wedding day. We started with some photos in the stunning hotel room at Hotel Georgia. I am pretty sure the windows there are 6 inches thick because you couldn’t hear the rain. This might be why Reed and Jade didn’t fully believe me that it was really wet and cold outside.

Fast forward to us leaving the hotel and they say, “What were we thinking doing this in March!” while noticing the weather. This was quickly forgotten with the heat cranked in the car.

We arrived at Spanish Banks and my assistant that day (Courtney) and I got all set up on the beach while Reed and Jade stayed warm in the car. Once set up, including having my shorts and sandals on for getting wet, we invited them to the rainy beach. The rain played a great role in making the day moody and extra wet. We were able to catch some fun and passionate pictures of the two of them, giving them one last set of memories from their wedding and making the frozen limbs all worth while.

PS – Thanks Reed and Jade for warming us up with the hot chocolate and Baileys after.

Have any brides ever thought about doing a trash the dress? Why or why not? 

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