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Tigh-Na-Mara Wedding in Parksville – (Melissa + Sean)

Melissa and Sean had a lovely intimate wedding at Tigh-Na-Mara this past September. The two level gazebo garden works perfectly for large and small weddings. Don’t miss the amazing cat cake that Melissa was so pumped for from the super talented Coastal Cake Company.


Bridal Gown – Ladybelle Bridal

Cake – Coastal Cake Company

Caterer – Tigh-Na-Mara

Reception and Ceremony Venue – Tigh-Na-Mara

Floral – Petal & Kettle

Hair & Make-up – Grotto Spa (Tigh-Na-Mara)

Groom’s Clothing – Moore’s

Assistant/Second Shooter – Courtney Julien

Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0022Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0001
Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0003Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0004Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0005Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0006Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0007Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0008Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0009Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0010Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0011Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0023
Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0013Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0014Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0015Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0016Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0017Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0018Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0019Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0020Tigh-na-mara Wedding (Melissa and Sean)_0021


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