6 Reasons Merridale Cidery Wedding Photos will ROCK

Merridale Cidery Wedding Venue

It might seems obvious why Merridale Cidery wedding photos rock. Yes it is a very busy venue for weddings as many couples have realized how beautiful Merridale Cidery wedding photos are. A wedding at this Cobble Hill orchard is a guaranteed deliciously beautiful day. There are a number of other things the casual onlooker might not initially appreciate about Merridale Cidery because yes it easy to get distracted by the yummy food, cider and pretty location.

Here are 6 less obvious reasons why Merridale Cidery wedding photos always rock! :

1. Covered Spaces

With the covered outdoor ceremony and reception spaces your guests will feel the fresh air, but keep them dry IF it rains. This means dry guests if it rains and not so sweaty ones if it’s really hot.

2. Easy Reception Decor

There is no need to spend extra money renting chairs, tables, linens, chair covers, uplighting, backdrops etc. The rustic west coast feel of the property flows right into the reception space. Reuse florals from the ceremony on the tables and your reception space will look like stunning. This can save time and money. It does not take much to make these spaces look beautiful in photos.

3. Light For Photos

The average person might not think about this, but Merridale offers great backdrops for photos that can be used from different directions. This means I can shoot in a direction that will not only look great in the background, but also allow me to have light that is flattering for my clients.

4. The Yurt!

Not only is it a 1 minute walk to the ceremony from the yurt, it photographs really well for getting ready in AND the bride and groom can stay the night in it. What a memorable way to spend the first night as a married couple.

5. Epic Night Shots

I love sneaking out for night shots, but not every venue has multiple locations to create imagery at night. Merridale has a bunch. You can pop into the distillery, use the ambiance of the property lights, capture great orchard sunsets and obviously use the Yurt!

5. Lots of GREENS + BLUES!

I love shooting with polarizers. I love rich colour in my imagery. My lenses combined with my polarizers just eat up the rich colours at Merridale and everything just pops! I have been there in the middle of summer and things still look alive and pretty.

If you are thinking of having your wedding at Merridale Cidery I would love to hear more about your plans. I shoot weddings all over Vancouver Island and shooting at Merridale Cidery is always an incredible experience for my couples. Feel free to connect with me here if you have questions.

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