Rebecca + Tomas — Oceanfront and Bayside Wedding

Rebecca and Tomas had a beautiful ceremony in her parents backyard followed by the party of the century at The Bayside Inn. I did a lot of grooving on the packed dance floor trying to blend in so I could get loads of photos of their guests having an amazing time. Enjoy the pics and congrats to Rebecca and Tomas!

Be sure to check out the slideshow and listen to their heartfelt vows!


Ceremony Venue – Backyard in Parksville

Reception Venue – Bayside Quality Inn

Wedding Dress – Bliss Gowns and Events

Cake – Coastal Cake Company

Caterer – Bayside Quality Inn

Celebrant – Jane Good

Floral – Petal and Kettle

Second Shooter / Assistant – Jim Holland


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  1. Rainer says:

    What a fabulous ceremony and the photos are incredible to capture the mood and celebration. I particularly like the close to ground photo up the Isle seating guests either side.
    Nice job!

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